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About Charlotte

Born and raised in Barrington, RI, Charlotte graduated from Wake Forest University in 2002 and moved to Arizona for a job opportunity.  She met her husband, Chuck, and settled into life in the desert. They moved to Chandler in 2005 and have four children ages 12, 10, 7, and 4.


Before the birth of her third child Charlotte worked as Regional Sales Manager for Benefit Concepts, a benefit administration firm. After the company’s sale in 2013 she decided to stay home to focus on her expanding family. At that time she became heavily involved in her children’s schools. She has served as room mom, PTO Secretary, PTO President, and fundraising chairperson. She worked with the PTO and administration at her children’s school to profoundly change their fundraising strategy and as a result raised $240,000 in three years.


Charlotte is a passionate supporter of Chandler schools, students, and teachers. She believes strongly that every child in Chandler deserves a quality education. As a member of the school board Charlotte will work tirelessly to ensure the students of Chandler are provided an education that teaches them to THINK, teaches healthy habits of mind, and prepares them to enter the world.

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